About Us

Homes by Ursula with Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta is a husband and wife real estate team serving Metro Atlanta. Ursula Lowther and her husband, Keith Lowther, have been selling residential real estate in Atlanta, Georgia for more than 10 years.

Together they are a dynamic team specializing in residential real estate and short sales. At Homes by Ursula, we have access to the latest technology when it comes to marketing your home or signing documents. Whether you are a computer person that prefers electronic document signing or someone who prefers pen and paper, we have systems in place for you.

When the market shifted Ursula and Keith saw a need to help people that needed to sell their homes due to hardships. Ursula was one of the first agents in the area to work with short sales and has continued at a very high level. Ursula has taught Short sale classes to other agents in Atlanta at no charge in order to improve their understanding of the entire process.

We have extensive experience pricing properties and typically provide pricing opinions for more than 1,000 homes annually. We know our market and use that knowledge to help you.

Keith and Ursula work to understand your motivation and your goals when you are ready to buy your next home or sell your current home.

We work to ensure that the sale of your home happens smoothly and for Top Dollar.

At Homes by Ursula, we understand that clients come first and your complete satisfaction is our main goal. Don’t choose the wrong Real Estate Agent – Make the Right Choice – Choose Homes By Ursula!


Our Mission is to understand the needs, goals, and motivation of our clients and work to consistently exceed their expectations and provide the best possible service.

– At Homes by Ursula our vision is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by creating a company that people want to work with and work for.


Efficiency – Producing results with minimum waste
Structure – Having Formal Processes and Systems
Honesty – Being Fair and Straightforward
Creativity – Thinking outside the box
Loyalty – Unswerving in allegiance to an ideal, person, institution, or duty
Fairness – Treating others and being treated equally
Accountable – Taking responsibility for actions and outcomes
Growth – Investing in lifelong learning and personal development
Integrity – Doing what we say we will do
Customer Satisfaction – Achieving excellence in customer satisfaction


Win-Win – or no deal
Integrity – do the right thing
Customers – always come first
Commitment – in all things
Communication – seek first to understand
Creativity – ideas before results
Teamwork – together everyone achieves more
Trust – starts with honesty
Success – results through people


At Homes by Ursula, we are continually seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as people and as a company. We believe that by teaching and serving others and listening to their needs we will make a positive impact in the lives of those we meet.